Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rays Fans Won't Like Reading This...

From this morning's Boston Globe:
The feeling is that if the Rays’ financial picture gets any gloomier, (Carl) Crawford will be trade bait by the trading deadline or even earlier. In fact, both he and Carlos Pena could have new addresses at some point in the season.

This news isn't news at all. Rays fans have been hearing this for quite some time.

But hearing it out of the mouth of a heralded writer in another baseball city such as Cafardo could have some significance. He's tied-in to every American League team and may know something the rest of us don't. However, it could also be meaningless re-hashing of rumors to fill his Sunday column. My money's on the former.

Even if the Rays are turning healthy profits as some suggest, a slight drop in those profits could create a "gloomy financial picture" for them...and could lead to a mid-season sell-off if they aren't sitting ahead of the Sox and Yanks.

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