Thursday, February 11, 2010

ABC Coalition Urges St. Pete to Reconsider Report

Two weeks after city leaders announced they would not meet with the ABC Coalition, the group's chair sent a letter to Mayor Bill Foster and City Council chair Leslie Curran that urges them to listen to its final report.

"ABC is not advocating on behalf of either the Rays or the City, and has no authority to negotiate on behalf of either party," Lyash wrote. "Instead, ABC is merely reporting its findings. Findings prepared, in part, at the request of the City and the Rays."

He also addressed why the group decided to look at areas outside the City of St. Pete.

"The support of the entire Tampa Bay region is required to ensure long‐term viability and therefore failure to consider the entire region in reaching conclusions regarding fan support, corporate support and ball park location would have been inconsistent with our mission."

For more, continue here.   Find the final report here.  And for more background on the Rays' stadium saga, click here.

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