Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Season, Same Game in Stadium Saga

It's opening day and that means more talk of the Rays' antiquated stadium!

While I was tempted to simply re-post my "New season, same refrain" column from a year ago, I'll freshen it up. (Although I admit, it's a fun read one year later)

The 2011 season begins much the way the 2010 season did: Rays owner Stu Sternberg makes poorly-veiled threats about the team leaving town and the St. Petersburg Times wants St. Pete to cut the team a break and let it explore other stadium options.

For my readers that get worked up about every Sternberg comment and every rejection from St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster, I say this: relax, and enjoy some baseball.

This is all part of a very long and frustrating process that will continue to get painful for all parties involved. How do I know? As I explained in 2009, it always goes down that way.

But right now, the Rays have little leverage other than the fear that they may relocate (or get contracted, but that's silly).

So expect a steady dose of Sternberg and Bud Selig comments designed to grow that fear. It's your choice to buy into it or not.

I suggest, instead, you enjoy the Rays' exciting on-field action - they're poised for a number of real good years on their not-so-real Tropicana turf.

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