Wednesday, July 13, 2011

At Least One National Writer Loves The Trop

Travel writer Peter Greenberg lists his top five baseball stadiums to visit this summer, including:
Tropicana Field – St. Petersburg, FL
Don’t believe the banter you hear about this ballpark. Tropicana Field is one of the most underrated venues in the big leagues and it’s hard not to have a good time there. It may look a little funny, but the Tampa Bay Rays front office has done a terrific job of making the stadium fan-friendly.

There are probably more things to do at Tropicana Field than in any other ballpark in MLB. Take a trip out to Left Field Street to participate in baseball-themed game show or get your picture taken on a Topps Baseball Card. Behind the centerfield wall, you can touch and feed live cownose rays. In Right Field Street, your kids can have their swing analyzed on a computer scouting system or paint at Raymond’s Art Studio.

If you actually want to watch the game, then you can sit in an unobstructed seat in a comfortable air-conditioned dome that keeps you free from the punishing Florida humidity. The Rays front office has their low-budget team in playoff contention again, so you’ll always watch a good product on the field. Tickets are affordable when you buy directly through the team as Tampanians are reluctant to cross a bridge into St. Petersburg.
He makes half-decent points, but loses all credibility in my mind when he includes dingy Dodger Stadium and corporate Yankee Stadium in his list above gems like Fenway and Wrigley.


  1. Yeah but nobody uses those dorky side attractions in the outfield streets. Every time I walk buy there's like two kids there by themselves, looking confused.

  2. The Trop is a great place to watch a baseball game. I have been there many many times and love it every time I go. I have been to Camden Yards, Yankee Stadium (old and New) and others and I will take the Trop every time. (By the way I am a season ticket holder). Someone started the bashing and it is the popular thing to do to bash it but it is unfounded.