Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rays Brass Suggests Success May Be Sustainable

In a season-ending press conference where Rays' general manager Andrew Friedman and manager Joe Maddon celebrated another successful fall run, both men acknowledged the team's shortfalls at the box office.

But neither would suggest, as principal owner Stuart Sternberg indicated Tuesday, that success was unsustainable in Tampa Bay without a new stadium.

"We're going to be a really talented team next year," Friedman said, sitting alongside Maddon. "We've proven time and time again that it's not necessarily about the payroll number; it's about the talent we have. So, it's easy to use (revenue) as an excuse, but the two of us refuse to do so."

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  1. Maybe Sternberg can go ask the Yankees how well that new stadium ($1 BILLION) is working out for them... Oh wait, they lost to DETROIT for chrissakes.

  2. Can someone explain what Foster's stance is here? I know the Rays have a contract of use until 2027. But didn't St. Pete build this stadium without a team.

    I know the city put up $70 million for improvements to facility when the Rays were first expanded. So is all this squabbling over that $70 million, which if pro-rated per season wouldn't be a heck of a lot of money. Ie if they left in 2018 the penalty would be in the neighborhood of $23 million? Is that really what we're talking about?

  3. The city built the stadium for a major-league baseball team and the Rays signed a deal with the city to play for 30 years when they were created. The city fronted the money for the stadium and its upkeep in exchange for 30 years of the perceived economic benefit.

    There is no "penalty" to discuss because there is no clause in the contract for early termination. The city could argue 9-figure damages if the Rays were to try and break the agreement.

  4. But didn't the city build the stadium without the promise of a major league team? Wasn't this stadium used to try to lure the Giants and White Sox, without any promises of expansion?

  5. Yes, but subsequent promises were made to the city by MLB.