Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Forbes: Rays' Value Down 2%

A disappointing year at the box office has the Rays' team value down 2% to $323 million, according to Forbes.

Of course, it's all relative since the team was valued at $176 million in 2005 when Stu Sternberg assumed majority control of the club. And, Forbes estimates the team is raking in $26.2 million annually in operating expenses - the fifth-best margin in the majors, thanks to revenue sharing.

Also chew on this: Sternberg & co. have seen their investment grow by 65% since 2005. The stock market, over the same time, has grown by just 18%.

And what does a new stadium mean to a team's bottom line? In the Miami Marlins case, $90 million; the team surges to No. 21 in the majors at $450 million total value.

The Biz of Baseball has more here, as well as historical values here.

PS - it's worth noting Forbes' writer on the MLB values article is Mike Ozanian, who thinks there are only three more seasons of baseball at Tropicana Field.

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