Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bullets Fly Into Tropicana Field

Either St. Pete residents really, really, really hate Tropicana Field....or they just really like shooting guns at the big spaceship-looking thing in the middle of the city.

A couple of weeks after a bullet fell from the dome and bruised a fan at The Trop, my 10 News colleague Adam Freeman reports that dozens of bullets hit the stadium on a routine basis:
According to annual inspection reports on the facility, 44 bullet holes were repaired on the roof in 2010. Twenty-two more needed to be patched up in 2011.

The reports call it an "ongoing problem," and state there were enough holes to cause fears that rain water could be leaking in.

Zeoli says Rays staff will sometimes even find bullet fragments in the rafters.
Fans at The Trop have nothing to worry about since the few bullets shot at the dome are unlikely to carry enough momentum to hurt someone inside.

But it's certainly one of those stories that makes you go, "hmmmmmm...."

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  1. This is a weird story. You would think that if they found 44 bullet holes in the roof they should be able to identify where they are coming from. You'd have to be pretty good to shoot in the air and have it land on the Trop deliberately!