Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Odds & Ends: Rays Attendance, Marlins on Groupon

The Rays keep slipping further into the cellar in the MLB attendance standings, and this afternoon's home game against the Royals won't help. Neither will a giant security wall going up around the park this week ahead of the GOP Convention.

However, the Rays would post huge attendance numbers this weekend if they'd only use that security barrier to prevent fans from leaving the Trop....

In the meantime, don't hold your breath waiting for the Rays to respond to the City of St. Pete's offer to chat relocation.

Things aren't much rosier in Miami, where the Marlins' attendance is slipping and the team just resorted to offering half-priced tickets on Groupon. Their less-than-stellar numbers are only going to make the Rays' efforts to build another Florida stadium even tougher.

Finally, if you need proof that even losing teams with mediocre attendance are huge profit-makers, look no further than the San Diego Padres. A group, including Phil Mickelson, paid $800 million for the team and affiliated investments like television rights.

According to Forbes, the Padres used to make $12 million/year on television until they renegotiated this year. Now, they rake in $50/million year in TV rights, a windfall the Rays could potentially surpass when their current contract expires in 2016.

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