Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yawn Pt. II

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn appeared on WDAE-AM's "The Sports Page" Tuesday morning, and said he was "happy" that Rays owner Stu Sternberg thought Tampa was an attractive possible future home for the team (Yawn Pt. I).

Other big news this morning: the sun rose and the sky is still blue.
“I think everyone recognizes that its not going to work in its current configuration,” said Buckhorn. “To know that Tampa is a serious option for him (Sternberg) whether its downtown or any other location I think is good. When that day comes this community and this region needs to be prepared to put its best minds to the task to figuring out how to make this work.”
After he touted the viability of a Downtown Tampa stadium, Buckhorn then acknowledged paying for one would be a “very difficult lift.”

So on the bright side of things, Tampa is at least on level playing field with Montreal right now!


  1. They might be pulling the wool over everyone else's eyes, like Rays stadium bloggers (lol), but Buckhorn knows dam well he & Stu knows exactly what their future holds, and their plans of financing! Why? Because politicians & stock market exe. don't plan to spend 100's of thousands (if not a billion after all said & done), and not know what's going on or going to happen, that's what broke people normally do...

  2. So Ferg's is building a building for it's new bar across from the Forum out of mostly big shipping containers so it's easy to move in 4-5-6 yrs.. Why? Well, it depends on who answers that. Noah would say it's to drive up the cost of construction on the customers or something (lol), I have always said that location will be part of where the Rays new ballpark will be in a few years, and Mr. Ferg knows it as well. If only the media knew what he knows...

    1. It's because:
      1) There's a lot of uncertainty downtown with lots of possible developments options, and there's no sense in building a restaurant on a piece of land that could one day be more valuable as something else (anything else).
      2) Building with shipping containers is very cheap: