Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rays Stadium Headlines Still Getting You to Click

After a disappointing Rays season-opening loss in front of a full house, the Trib's Steven Giradi wrote, "On Opening Day, no one’s thinking about stadiums and politics."

No one...except his Trib counterpart Chris O'Donnell, who wrote how the Rays' fortunes could change next offseason with St. Pete city council elections.  And, get this: one of the new frontrunners, Ed Montanari, isn't any more likely to think $2M/yr for terminating the city's deal with the Rays is a good deal as his predecessors!

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But no one else was thinking about stadiums and politics...except Bright House Sports' Rock Riley, who wrote about Stu Sternberg's promise never to move the team as long as he owned the franchise.

And the Times' Matt Baker, who wrote about Sternberg's desire to avoid stadium discussions for the next six months.  And the Times' Claire McNeill, who wrote about opening day questions on- and off-the-field.

And finally, the Team Marketing Report, which again ranked the Rays as one of the most affordable baseball experiences out there (28th out of 30 teams), largely thanks to low average ticket prices and the ability to park for free.  Although the beer prices are higher than average!?!

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