Monday, February 15, 2016

Link Roundup!

Here's what sports business articles you may have missed in the last few weeks:
  1. Echoing an April 2015 post here explaining roof technology has come a long way, the Tampa Tribune writes the Rays' future stadium roof options go far beyond just retractable roofs.
  2. St. Pete doesn't appear to be in any rush to get bids out on redeveloping the Trop.
  3. Don't waste your time clicking on it, but since Montreal investors can't come up with a billion dollars for a franchise and a stadium, some apparently think splitting the Rays' home games between Montreal and Tampa Bay would be a good alternative.  Of course, they continue to forget the Rays are legally obligated to play 81 games at Tropicana Field through 2027 unless they build a new stadium somewhere else in Tampa Bay.
  4. The Times' Pasco Co. columnist thinks a stadium could work in Wesley Chapel. Again, don't waste your time.
  5. Gary Shelton asks if you can "afford to continue to be a Tampa Bay area sports fan," as the Lightning raise ticket prices on the heels of similar increases from the Bucs.  The Rays have also continued to raise prices slowly over the years, but all three teams continue to have some of the most affordable tickets in the country.
  6. "The NFL's bonanza will not be an economic windfall to the L.A. metropolitan area," writes Stanford economist Roger Noll in the pages of the Los Angeles Times.  Important points he brings up are that pro teams are not big businesses, employing fewer people than a single department store.

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  1. The article below is exactly like that time when Rick Baker, as mayor, pushed for giving public land to Bill Edwards and then went to work for Bill Edwards like a week later. Haha, remember that? Really good times. Totally honest guy, great guy.

    1. The "revolving door" is way too common. Legislators to lobbyists; legislative staffers to industry insiders; mayors to consultants; etc

      How many current Tampa politicians will be working behind-the-scenes for Jeff Vinik in upcoming years?