Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tell Us How You Really Feel About Diamondbacks' Posturing for Stadium Renos/Replacement

In case you missed it, the Diamondbacks, who entered the league the same year as the Rays, also think it's time to start talking about replacing their stadium.

And in case you missed it, I wasn't impressed:

I wasn't the only one, either:

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  1. Now that is crazy, a stadium that draws 10k more, BUT they're just looking to settle for "upgrades", and after 20 yrs, they're probably due for them...

    1. The REAL question is, has Maricopa co made it's $250 million back yet? Including the revenue from the ASG, WBC, and Bowl games?

      Something I read Noah is that a county official got shot over the use of county taxes for the park! Crazy

    2. 1) There's nothing in contract that says county is supposed to pay for whatever upgrades the DBacks want. Team should pay since it's to enhance their revenue.

      2) Has county made its $250M? Tough to say - ASG & WBC economic impacts are rather small in the grand scheme. And has team really increased the county's economy???

    3. Well, we both know we, like the many others of each different side that share our same views, disagree on our opinions & facts of the matter of a stadium's worth to a community...