Sunday, May 8, 2016

Shadow of the Stadium's 7th Anniversary

May 8 is that special day each year I sit down to eat cake (by myself) because Shadow of the Stadium has survived another 12 months!
It's been another consequential year...unless it hasn't. We're still pretty much at eight years without real developments in the Rays' Stadium Saga...but boy has it been fun chronicling it!

As always, I remind you that the blog's goal is to provide some big-picture perspective on where, when, how, and if a new Rays stadium should be built in Tampa Bay (along with other local sports business news).

Just in recent months alone, this blog has consolidated countless articles about possible Montreal relocation, debunked a ridiculous economic impact claim from the Yankees, and documented Ken Hagan's double-talk on taxes.  But we shall not forget the following stories, among the blog's most-read through 1,300+ posts since May 8, 2009:

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  1. Hi Noah,
    Thank you very much for your vigilance, diligence, and providing much needed 'light' on this topic, as opposed to 'heat' which we get from many others.

    I, for one, greatly appreciate your efforts, and it is pretty amazing that you can continue to keep this site viable and relevant in addition to doing your 'day job'!

  2. Keep up the good work, Noah. I don' post very often, but I enjoy reading your insight into the Ray's stadium saga.

  3. Congratulations, this blog does a great job of covering the stadium issue.

  4. The stadium issue is certainly an important one and one that brings out a lot of different opinions. This is a great place to share them.

  5. Its funny how we might undervalue the significance of this blog to the Rays stadium saga until big news breaks or Noah show his true Bahstun side and starts bashing Canadians then a thousand people comment, lol, must be a hockey rivalry thing...

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  7. It will be a great when the new stadium location is announced in Tampa (near Ybor). We will all be able joke with one another about the other locations that people were throwing out there. The funniest of course is the "relocation" route. That was never going to happen. Some people were so desperate to believe it though.

    1. Thanks for your readership, Commissioner Hagan :)

  8. Always a pleasure to read this blog.

    You can take that to the bank, Noah! ;)