Monday, July 18, 2016

Why the "Tampa" Rays Could Use a Swear Jar

Oh boy:
Of course, Poison frontman Bret Michaels is in good company, as national broadcasters and writer/bloggers have long referred to the "Tampa Rays" and their home in "Tampa."

But it's not like the Rays have exactly gone out of their way to correct the slight to "Tampa Bay" and St. Petersburg, either.  Can you imagine how FSU would react if the national media kept calling them the "Florida Seminoles?" 

Or a rival?
Heck, even their own employees do it, even if it is unintentionally

But what could the Rays do to better-represent their region and St. Petersburg's investment in the team?  How about the same thing they did when they dropped the word "Devil" from their name in 2008?

The team developed a "swear jar":

But instead of sending pleasant or funny reminders of their official team name, the Tampa Bay Rays have generally allowed the convenient slight that suggests the franchise should be playing across the bay.

It wouldn't be such a bad tip of the hat to the team's fans around Tampa Bay who don't happen to live in the city of Tampa.  And who knows, it may even help them get some positive national exposure again?

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  1. We could always start calling the Yankees "Brooklyn".

  2. I left the Brett Michaels concert midway thru his 5th song. I'm not a fan of his music but decided to give him a second chance after the horrible concert he put on after a Rays game a couple or few years ago. Noisiest concert I've ever attempted to sit thru. This time I could actually make out what he was saying and singing, unfortunately I got so tired of his mention of Tampa dozens of times during his first set I finally had enough. There will not be a third concert I'll be attempting to sit thru.

  3. Nice poke in the ribs from a Boston Braves fan...