Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bucs to Apply for More Tax Dollars on RayJay Renovations

This blog was the first to report on the Bucs' bid for state tax dollars last year - a bid that ended in an embarrassing rejection - and history repeats itself again today.

The Tampa Sports Authority (TSA) meets this afternoon, expected to approve a resolution declaring that the Bucs' renovations of Raymond James Stadium "serves a public purpose," so the team and TSA can apply for millions of dollars in new subsidies.  The state money would essentially reimburse the Bucs for costs they've already sunk in.

Taxpayers already footed the entire original bill for the stadium, plus more than $28 million of the 2016 renovations...despite the fact that the team wouldn't agree to extend its lease past 2027 (presumably, so it can threatmonger its way to more tax dollars).

But the team will try its luck again anyway with a legislature, likely pitting two powerful forces against each other: stadium advocate Jack Latvala, the Senate Appropriations Chair, and stadium subsidy critic Richard Corcoran, the Speaker of the House.

The Bucs have also increased the size of the renovation package (see below), to a proposed $125 million - with another $16 million in possible additions - by the time all is said and done. It will be interesting to see what happens to that number if the team doesn't get the state money.

The TSA is also expected today to approve its agreement to use state money to help pay for the Yankees' Spring Training improvements...because the Yankees need your financial help.

Hopefully the Yanks will put those new revenues to good use and buy a real economic impact report next time. 

Buccaneers' prospective $141 million renovation list

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  1. Seems petty to try knocking the hustle of Tampa putting in a request for reimbursements from Tally...
    I guess you do what you can for Florida by NOT trying to figure any tax breaks on your returns? That's so patriotic of you... lol

    1. Well, how do you feel about your tax dollars going to pay for the Dolphins' already-completed renovations?

      And do you think Daytona Int'l Speedway should have to pay taxes on its profits?

    2. It's not MY pocket money going to pay for stadium upgrades, it's "tax rebates" which basically means they just get their own money back...

    3. I get it. You think small businesses (and you) should pay taxes...and they shouldn't.

    4. Our free market is so competitive both globally & here, with thousands of towns & cities wanting jobs, economic growth, and great tax revenue. So in a free market you have to hustle for the great good of your community, even if that means making deals for the greater good of a community, even if it isn't "instant success"...
      Now, some cities & towns chose govern conservatively with little $ going out, little $ coming in, some make deals to progress forward, some just get lucky like coal in WV, PA, oil in TX, or gold in CA. Here we sell a vacation lifestyle w/ a lower cost of living (taxes), and it works, but if a company is relocating, why chose Tampa over Jax, or St.Pete over West Palm, Brandon over Ocala, Orlando over Atlanta?
      Why not make deals with companies to win their business. Companies doesn't just pay taxes, but they create jobs that's taxable, employees buys local houses, cars, and things which is taxable, more taxes equal better quality of life for home towns, which attracts more people coming to spend money, and the cycle flows on because of those new jobs...
      Personally, as one that runs a car lot, a lot of times I have to cut my prices to stop customers from buying elsewhere, and hope to make up the difference in repeat business, and servicing their vehicle...
      All and all, America is built for progress, and trying to verbally simplify it to sound bad by saying so 1 pays taxes & 1 doesn't, is a real disjustice to the people when there's "more to the story"...

    5. Because the bidding wars between Tampa and Jacksonville (and etc) - often encouraged by the state - are only benefitting the businesses that get the concessions....not the taxpayers who have to make them.

      Why should the state of Florida incentivize a company to relocate its business across the state?

    6. Well, in-state doesn't help the state, but any business Tampa can steal from Jax (etc.) is better for Tampa, regardless, and moving businesses from OUTSIDE the state is worth even more haggling. Like when I worked at Mazda of Wesley Chapel, and we simply sold the same Mazdas cheaper then the other 5 TB Mazda dealers, but we made up the difference in financing, corporate stare-step bonuses, return service & maintenance, then those customers would tell others, would comeback for a 2nd and 3rd vehicle. "give a dollar, get two back", it's good business in a free market...
      Do you expect everything to be handed to Tampa for free? No man, you have to out hustle the other cities & countries (like Montreal). Maybe your unaware, but not every job consist of working for the man for a general pay check, a lot of times it's about how the man makes his money. Remember, Tampa Bay is a business, the United States is a business...