Thursday, November 24, 2016

Rays Want You to Know They (Supposedly) Prefer Tampa

As predicted in 2009, the Rays are seemingly encouraging a tug-of-war between Pinellas, which has more money, and Hillsborough, which has more fans.

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  1. Thanks for your vigilance on this issue. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. My 2 submissions to did not make the cut:

    I want a team that keeps its best players for their entire career.

    I imagine a baseball team that has a wining record in its home ballpark.

    1. 1) sometimes it's best to "flip" your "best players" for a better future, and sometimes it's better to funnel payroll to other positions...

      2) Your (Scott) against a Rays stadium, so good luck rooting for your Tampa Yanks, Thrashers, or Dunedin Blue Jays...

    2. B. Dufala:
      I am not against a Rays stadium, as long as the Rays/MLB pay for 100% of it.

    3. Oh so, the Rays pay all of the cost so Tampa can make lots of money?

    4. Guy builds business. If it's successful, both he and his neighbors benefit. It's not a foreign concept.

  3. 1) "Tampa" is "mentioned" more because it's their name, it's not the Pinellas Rays...

    2) Idk if you purposely do it try to create drama, to make it sound like a better story, but your constant statements of some Hillsborough vs Pinellas isn't factual. Maybe YOUR conspiracy theorist readers believe it, but the smarter readers know it's not a competition, it's ultimately one team working together toward the Rays inevitable move to Tampa. But hey! I'm not here to knock your hustle in selling the drama to the "less educated" readers...

  4. As for my opinion on a new stadium, a self sourced of energy park would be cool, I think it needs to act as a hurricane relief place for Tampa, Publix Park would be fitting w/ deli & sub stations throughout the park, and also, I always think of Maddon's quote when he said the stadium should be like a small "boutique shop"...