Wednesday, April 5, 2017

St. Pete Makes Stadium Pitch to Rays

The City of St. Petersburg and the St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce made its ‘Baseball Forever’ stadium campaign pitch today to the Rays; the 43-page plan was presented at Tropicana Field, behind closed doors...although the documents are public.

The best place for the breaking news was @StadiumShadow on Twitter.  Here are some highlights:

For further reading, the Tampa Bay Times write-up is here.  Or, additional Shadow of the Stadium references:

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  1. Its becoming more obvious this blog has become a "stadium cheerleader" for Pinellas...

    1. Ha, because it points out Hillsborough has no money for a stadium and the Rays seemingly expect money for a stadium?

  2. Regardless of proposals & meetings with St.Pete, lets be real, besides the "shot in the dark" factor, it's simply a PR ploy for re-election votes...