Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Anniversary Shadow of the Stadium!

This is that special week each year I sit down to eat cake (by myself) because Shadow of the Stadium has survived another 12 months!

The last year hasn't exactly brought forth the most consequential Stadium Saga news, as the Rays continue to bide their time, hoping for a change in both leverage and attitudes toward public financing.  But Hillsborough has no money for a stadium and Pinellas faces doubt about throwing good money after bad.

So it's another opportunity to look back at some of the real interesting pivot points of the Stadium Saga turns nine (and this blog turns eight)....as well as an opportunity to remind you that the blog's goal (1,400 posts and counting) is to provide some big-picture perspective on where, when, how, and if a new Rays stadium should be built in Tampa Bay (along with other local sports business news):

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  1. Hi Noah,

    Please keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Keep it up. Great reading!

  3. Only if the "shadow" wasn't a place casted by an obstructing view from a digressive object blocking the true light on the other side...

  4. To capture just a little bit of the ‘spirit’ of what Noah has been advocating all these years please read “The case for no more public money for Major League Baseball” posted at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/case-more-public-money-major-league-baseball-scott-myers

    1. ... and the REreporting adds another link to the chain of the digressive narrative.