Friday, June 2, 2017

Hagan Calls Secretly-Negotiated, More-Expensive-Than-Anticipated, Possibly-Illegal Braves Stadium a "Template"

Hillsborough's stadium cheerleader-in-chief, Ken Hagan, again called the Braves' new secretly-negotiated, more-expensive-than-originally-promised stadium the "template" for a new Rays home in Tampa Bay.

That's not new...but with Braves attendance at just 30,109 through SunTrust Park's first 21 games - by the way, below the team's avg. attendance in 2013, when the deal went down - let's take a fresh look at all the problems with Tampa Bay wanting to emulate what Cobb Co. did for the Braves:

This blog has posted at-length about how pro teams seem to be making as much money outside the stadium (real estateancillary development) as they are inside the stadium these days, so Hagan's comments are kind of no-brainers. But the lack of transparency and willingness to lead the way on public subsidies are a bigger deal.

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  1. Taxpayer funded stadiums aren't great for tax payers, but there's an element of hyperbole in the coverage of the SunTrust Park project. The Braves moved outside the city limits of Atlanta and the local media hasn't taken it well.

    There's two major projects in Atlanta. The new home for the Falcons and the new Braves park. Taxpayers are on the hook for a lot more money for the Falcons stadium, but where is the outrage over that project?

    Also, SunTrust Park isn't as bad for Cobb County tax payers as has been written:

    Article is too soft on the Braves, but it's a better recap of what's being spent that this article or many of the articles about the project.

    The city of Atlanta is replacing a dome that's 25 years old and it's going to cost them a half billion. Cobb is getting a new tax stream on a piece of real estate that was going to remain undeveloped. Cobb is spending around 200 million dollars once it's all said and done. The Braves spent over 600 million dollars.

    Does anyone think the Rays are going to spend that kind of money on a new stadium? Nope.

  2. That's hard to follow, though I also think NOah your not understanding the of the use of the word "template". It refers to the add-ons to the park, hotels, apts, retail, banks that add revenue other parks don't benefit from...

  3. bad team = poor attendance, not that hard to figure out. Braves won 96 games in 2013.
    The comparison doesn't really make sense, it is not apples to apples.
    A good team will draw (Exception: Tampa Bay)