Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tallahassee's Leading Stadium Supporter Resigns

Although his scandal is related to sexual harassment, powerful State Senator - and onetime gubernatorial hopeful - Jack Latvala has resigned his seat after just about everyone had called on the Pinellas lawmaker to step down.

The news comes less than a day after a retired judge released his investigation into sexual harassment claims against Latvala, finding probable cause and potential criminal violations.

Latvala's departure strikes a blow to pro sports teams in leagues in Florida hoping to curry favor in Tallahassee, as he helped rewrite laws in their favor, preserve funds for new stadiums, and was expected to champion state funds for both the Rays and Rowdies.

In exchange for his favorable treatment, Latvala has routinely received big campaign checks from teams and their wealthy owners.

Recently, legislative leadership has been very anti-stadium subsidy, and its unlikely to change in the near future with Latvala out of the picture.

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