Monday, January 1, 2018

No, the Outback Bowl Did Not Rain $55 Million on Tampa Bay

A more conservative estimate pegs the Outback Bowl economic impact at $30 million a year. But that figure came from the non-economist "economist" Mark Bonn, who I previously exposed for using bogus and inflated numbers.

Real economists suggested the impact is closer to 1/10 of Bonn's estimates. But that's not the kind of number that gets tax dollars flowing to your private bowl game and funding the $993,000 salary of said bowl game's CEO.

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  1. Great reporting and thoughts Noah. Keep this blog going this year. It's make or break for the new stadium and really MLB in TB. Thanks.

  2. The Bucs averaged only about 46K at their games this year (actual in-house attendance). From looking at that photo, there can't be more than 30K there. That upper deck is almost empty!

    1. For the 2017 NFL regular season, the Bucs averaged 51,912 in-house attendance, 59,952 paid attendance, and 8,040 no-shows per game.