Sunday, April 29, 2018


As I prepare for the ninth anniversary of Shadow of the Stadium, I've reflected on how much time and effort (1500 posts!) have gone into providing context and perspective on sports business issues.

But if you haven't noticed from some periods of light activity on the blog, it is sometimes difficult for me to keep up with the all the news coming out of our region. For that reason, I've secretly been hoping for that light at the end of the tunnel: a conclusion to the saga that would allow me to put a neat little final bow on this endeavor.

The truth is, though, there will never be an "end" to the saga.  Nor will there be an end to the demands of my real life and my real job watchdogging a variety of issues across fact, they only seem to grow.

So for those reasons, I've decided to suspend activity on the Shadow of the Stadium blog.

No, I won't stop reporting, and I won't stop holding people accountable.

In fact, this will allow me to focus more of my time and effort on turning impactful investigations in my real job.

And by continuing to follow along on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and by subscribing to my (occasional) newsletter, I'll still promise to feed you any consequential stories I cover so you won't miss a beat.

In conclusion, I thank all of you who have been loyal readers for all these years - including my critics - and I hope you continue to follow these important storylines via my other outlets.

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  1. Good bye Noah. Thanks for all of your excellent work.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for reading, Rick! Find future stories via the newsletter or on TV!

  3. One very few contrarian voices across the Tampa Bay sports landscape. You remind me a bit of the late Chris Thomas. At least leave the blog up so people can discover it and perhaps have their minds enlightened when it comes time to vote on the sure to come "half cent tax" scheme.

  4. You shouldn't hang this up! Just as it did in Miami, this stadium BS is going to result in the greatest taxpayer rip-off in the history of Tampa/Hillsborough! There will undoubtedly be corruption to be uncovered!!!

  5. I have just recently stumbled onto this site while researching opposition to the Tampa Rays stadium move. What an awesome job of documenting the incremental assault on the public. The current stadium is beautiful, air-conditioned, and functional and should stay where it is. Any movement toward Ybor city is a waste of time and money and abuse of resources.

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  7. Hey Anonymous - Tropicana is "functional" when a foul pop up crashes off the ugly catwalks and nails your shortstop in the eye? Beautiful? I don't even want to start......air conditioned is the only good thing about it...

  8. Hope you can brush up on your french and make the move with the Rays to Montreal soon!

  9. The Trop is one of the worst digs in MLB-they will undoubtedly end up in Ybor-a much better location with a lot more potential around it!