Monday, March 15, 2010

Bucs Finally Spending Money...on PR

According to Sports Business Daily, the Buccaneers have turned to former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer for some PR help. He's assisting the team in its search for a new Director of Communications.
The Glazers, who own the Bucs, also own Manchester United, which is frequently embroiled in controversies, the most recent of which involves a group of investors seeking to buy the team without their consent. Meanwhile, the Bucs have been hit with charges they spend too little on players and are really saving money to pay off the ManU debt the Glazers incurred in buying the team. "I am helping spread the word for the Bucs about their opening and am holding preliminary talks with some candidates," Fleischer said in an e-mail. "The rest of the interview process and the decision about who to hire are determined by the Bucs."

The Glazers certainly need some help in the public relations department, and if there is anyone experienced in bad publicity, it's Fleischer, the guy who had to deal with all of George W. Bush's...and is currently assisting Tiger Woods as well.

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