Monday, March 8, 2010

Seminoles Say No to Stadium Scenario

Just as quickly as I speculated the Seminole Indians may be the only group that could bring the Rays to Tampa, the tribe told me today there was no chance.

"Lack of land there would make it impossible," said tribe spokesman Gary Bitner. "The site is 37 acres. And they use every square inch for the gaming complex and parking, including two parking garages. I’ve never heard anyone even mention the word 'stadium.' "

With regards to possible land acquisition, Bitner said it was "not possible. They would have to jump Hillsborough Avenue, as homes are opposite Orient Road."

I never thought a Hard Rock stadium was likely, but barring a complicated land-swap with the Florida State Fairgrounds, it seems safe to cross one more stadium scenario off the list.

St. Pete, the ball remains in your court.

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