Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Don't Complain Rays, You Could be the A's!

Last week, I had to wonder (out-loud) why so many people were complaining about the Rays' attendance when it was up. The Bleacher Report followed with a report about how impressive some of their numbers were. And Rays Rev chipped in a sarcastic column questioning why Tampa Bay-bashing had become such a fad.

Yes, the Rays' attendance is awful despite their best-record-in-baseball, but it's better than last year and it could be their best ranking in the majors since their inagural season.

Let's also point out that Tampa Bay fans are no different than other fans in other cities.

After drawing (fewer than) 8,874 the other night in Oakland, the first-place A's think a new stadium will fix their problems.

But as the San Francisco Chronicle suggests, part of the problem is the team owner bashing his stadium and threaten to move.

Hope the Rays' brass is taking notes on that situation...

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