Monday, May 24, 2010

Quite the Year in the Shadow of the Stadium

One year ago this week - when the ABC Coalition was still in its relative infancy, before the Rays started pining about attendance, and before the Rays-to-Tampa bandwagon had picked up any steam - I started a blog.

My first post identified what the ABC Coalition, the Rays, and dozens of media outlets would go on to say later - that the real reason for the team's attendance troubles is the location of Tropicana Field.

One year ago, everyone was in denial of the fact (or too scared to come out and say it), but the stadium location has emerged as the single-biggest reason the franchise could benefit from a new home.

A lot of other issues emerged over the last year in the stadium saga, and many were forecasted in this blog - How the Stadium Saga Will Go Down - but we'll revisit that post another time.

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