Friday, June 11, 2010

If You Thought the "1-800-ASK-Gary Amp" was a Bad Name..

A few quickies for the weekend:

- If you thought the new "1-800-ASK-Gary Amp" was as bad as it got for venue naming rights, an adulterer website wants to prove you wrong in New York.

- Think private financing is easy to come by for a stadium? The San Francisco Bay area, the last market to build a private baseball stadium, may not be able to come up with the private money to get the 49ers a new home. Even after Santa Clara County ponied up $444M.

- You can probably cross Las Vegas off the list of cities the Rays could potentially pit Tampa Bay against....

- I've been talking to the St. Pete Chamber of Commerce a bunch about what they can do to keep the Rays in the area. And, while they don't really have much power, Stephen Nohlgren from The Times writes how they hope to lead the charge in keeping the team within St. Pete city limits.

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