Friday, June 4, 2010

Replay May Not Have Overturned Joyce's Imperfect Call on Galarraga

Chew on this. Even if MLB had instant replay, the controversial call in this week's Tigers-Indians game may not have been overturned.

Umpire Jim Joyce made a number of refreshing teary-eyed apologies after what appeared to be a very bad call, costing Detroit's Armando Galarraga the first perfect game in franchise history. Joyce thought Jason Donald beat Miguel Cabrera's throw to first. He didn't.

But I'm not so sure if umps had the ability to go to a replay booth if they would have overturned the call. Why? Galarraga appears to have bobbled the ball as he tagged first base.

Judge for yourself here (go to the 1:10 mark):
(Sorry, link removed!)
Now, I'm not saying Donald was definitely safe. But he wasn't definitely out. And if umps went to replay to see who got to the base first, they may have discovered a bobble they hadn't noticed before.

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