Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baseball in Orlando Update

"Bases Loaded Orlando," the grass-roots group trying to lure baseball to Orlando, has updated its webpage with a personal message from one of its organizers, a gentleman named Chris Dosen.

He writes:
Baseball can’t come soon enough! I am an avid sports fan who recently moved to Orlando from Miami, and so far I love Central Florida. The one thing that I miss most about Miami though is the sports!
Miami sports?? I thought Dosen may have been talking about Miami, Ohio until I found his facebook page.

He lists his interests as, "Making Money, Spending Money, Sports, The Finer Things in Life, Constantly Trying to Improve Myself, Etc," which I guess is a good thing if Orlando is looking for a mover and a shaker to land baseball...but really? Miami sports??

Dosen continues:
I’ve already become an avid Magic fan, and now I hope to add a baseball team to my list. I can’t wait to get a team here. I think it is the perfect time. This city needs another team to cheer for, and baseball is the perfect fit for the size of the city. We don’t quite have the population for a football team yet, but we’re getting there! Baseball will fill the gap perfectly.
So Orlando wouldn't be able to sell 500,000 tickets a year to a football game but it can sell 3,000,000 for baseball? Maybe Jacksonville should get an MLB team too.

I’m counting down the days until the announcement is made as to which team is being brought here. Where will the stadium be built? What’s going to be the team name? How about the logo? How much will season tickets cost? How soon until we have games here? So much excitement. I can’t wait!!
Dosen's excitement is evident, but if he wants to make the argument that Orlando deserves a professional baseball team, he'd better start by showing why it's a BETTER sports town than Miami, a city that usually doesn't pack the house for Hurricanes games and hasn't done much to support its baseball team...well, ever.

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  1. The only way you're going to get Orlando to support a baseball team is if you give them orange and blue uniforms, call them the Gators, and make Tim Tebow the starting pitcher. Baseball support in this town is pathetic and there is more Yankee gear here than anything