Friday, July 2, 2010

Pinellas Co. Begins Stadium Funding Plan

We're still a looooong way from the $500-$600 million required for a new stadium and we already know the Rays would love to go to Tampa, but the Times' Stephen Nohlgren breaks news tonight of the Pinellas Co. Tourist Development Commission(TDC) considering new stadium financing via bed taxes as soon as 2015.

This was an inevitable event in the bold blueprint for stadium-building, but I'm a little suprised/pleased to see the TDC start the process now. Pinellas Co. still has way more available money for a stadium than Hillsborough Co., and - as I've detailed before - that's way more important than available land in the stadium saga.

One year ago, I wrote Mid-Pinellas was the most likely spot for a stadium, and I still believe it to be true. The one curveball in the plan, however, has been the oil spill and the TDC may have to re-arrange its long-term priorities if the situation doesn't improve soon.

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