Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rays' Attendance Reason to Celebrate

Bear with me here...

After listing the reasons yesterday why the Rays may not want to go too crazy with their playoff-clinching celebrations when the Yankees are just a half game out of first, I'm beginning to understand why the team would want to break out the champagne.

Even though the team could end up popping the corks twice in one week, only one of those celebrations could possibly come at The Trop. And if yesterday's comments from Evan Longoria and tweet from David Price are any indicator, the players have noticed the fans may need more than first-place baseball to get them to the stadium.

So why not give them a little party the day they clinch a playoff berth? Why not play it up in the locker room for the cameras to remind folks how exciting October 2008 was?

The celebration the team has tonight (or tomorrow or whenever) they clinch won't be as much for the players as it will be for the fans.

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