Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tropicana Field Catwalks Off Joe Maddon's Bad List

The Tropicana Field catwalks are no longer Public Enemy No. 1 of Rays' manager Joe Maddon. After winning last night's game on a fly ball that came somewhat close to the catwalks - much like the ball that cost them the game a few weeks ago - Maddon took some of the credit (via Roger Mooney):
"Since then I've made amends with the building. I promised to not whine again, and I think because of that, that ball missed something, because it was going to hit something. But it missed. I think I actually saw the catwalk move several inches to avoid that ball."

Maddon joked that he's left roses on the catwalks and sent worker up to wash the roof.
I don't know about cleaning the roof, but I can attest - from my story on the catwalks last month - Maddon didn't send any roses up there. He did, however, post on Twitter the following:
"most recent whine was my getting on Trop roof, have since apologized to said roof and r now on much better terms, maybe best ever..."

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