Monday, October 4, 2010

Trop Catwalk Rules Changing

After the team appealed to the league, MLB granted a ground rules change before the ALDS. The two highest catwalks at Tropicana Field will now be out-of-play. The new rule reads:
Batted ball that strikes either of the upper catwalks (known as the “A-ring” and the “B-ring”), including any lights or suspended objects attached to either of those rings and including the masts that support each of those catwalks as well as any angled support rods that connect the “B-ring” to the masts that support the “C-ring,” in fair territory: DEAD BALL and the pitch does not count. Any declaration of an Infield Fly after the hit shall be nullified
Of course, the controversial catwalks were the hot topic earlier this year, prompting my 190-foot climb to the top.

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