Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Update on Cubs Spring Training Movement

Remember how Arizona was going to charge all the other Spring Training teams to build a new stadium for the Cubs in Mesa?

Today, we get this update from Neil deMause at Field of Schemes:
The hotel tax hike requires voter approval, and in advance of the November 2 referendum, the Goldwater Institute — which has already gone after the proposed Phoenix Coyotes lease concessions — has been raising questions about the plan, last week with an Arizona Republic op-ed noting that the proposition authorizes spending "greater than $1.5 million" without any spending cap, and this week noting that it's unclear how much the Cubs would provide, beyond "benefits to be determined."
In this economic - and political - climate, it will be a very difficult sell to the voters. Which may mean a revival of the Cubs-to-Naples (Fla.) campaign. Of course, the more probable situation is the "players" behind the stadium push in Mesa will just have to work a little harder on their game.

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