Monday, December 6, 2010

Player Movement Focus of 2010 Winter Meetings

Amazing what you see in the lobby of the MLB Winter Meetings. Beat reporters looking for nuggets of info. Agents looking for leverage. College kids looking for jobs. But the best thing I saw yesterday at the opening day of the industry's annual convention was the shocked look on one GM's face when he got a text saying, "Jayson Werth - 18M x 7 yrs."

I honestly don't expect much this week from the Rays and/or commissioner when it comes to the team's push for a new stadium. As I've said before, the economy and political climate may have slowed down their timetable a bit.

If there's any big news off-the-field Rays or MLB news, I'll post as soon as I can. But in the meantime, as player personnel moves dominate the headlines, I'll defer to Maury Brown from the Biz of Baseball for MLB business news and the fine folks from DRaysBay for Rays player news.

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