Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rays Price Out Some Longtime Season Ticket Holders

Even in a down economy, it isn't completely surprising the Rays are raising prices on 38 percent of their tickets next year (some tickets actually drop in price too). But the most surprising thing about the 2011 ticket prices at The Trop is how much some tickets soared in price.

By reclassifying "Loge" seats (the few rows immediately behind the concourse in the lower bowl) as "Lower Box" seats, longtime season ticket holders there were told their tickets would cost 65 percent more next season.

"They complain that nobody comes, then they take an entire section and tick us off," said die-hard fan Sharon Greene, who has held season tickets since MLB announced a team was coming to Tampa Bay. "I understand prices going up (but) I don't really understand prices going up when the economy is so bad."

The rest of this story - including the video that explains why Greene is so upset - can be found here.

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