Sunday, January 2, 2011

Biggest Sports Business Stories of 2011?

It won't take much to predict the biggest sports business stories of 2011.

In Tampa Bay, it will be the lack of progress in the Rays' stadium saga. While Tampa business leaders are beginning the process of studying stadium financing, the economy and lack of traditional funds will continue the stalemate - and frustrations.

For the best updates on the Stadium Saga, I encourage you to follow Shadow of the Stadium on Facebook or it's updates on Twitter.

Nationally, the NFL's ongoing labor negotiations will be the multi-billion-dollar soap opera no American will be able to ignore. Will the owners lock out the players on March 1? Will there be a season in 2011? If there is, will it have 18 games?

I recommend following Maury Brown from the Business of Sports Network for the answers. His September primer on the dispute is a must-read.

Should be a fun year in the Shadow of the Stadium.

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