Friday, January 21, 2011

Rays Sign Damon, ManRam; Fans Rejoice

Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez may both be in the twilight of their careers but my guess is they'll sell more tickets in 2011 than Carl Crawford did in 2010.

For that reason, I give two big thumbs-up to the reported one-year deals awarded to the former Red Sox teammates. Fans in Boston may be plenty content with Carl Crawford in left field and the drama of ManRam some 1,300 miles away, but fans in Tampa Bay are buzzing about their two new exciting attractions.

Even smarter may have been the Rays' reported attendance bonus offered Damon, a sure-fire way to keep one of their now-marquee names active on- and off-the-field in 2011. Management knows the deck is stacked against them in the A.L. East, but at least they stand a better-than-average chance of winning at the box office now.

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  1. Sh#t, I actually have a reason to watch the Rays now. And I was so set on hating them...