Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Could Glazers Bid on Dodgers?

With the Glazers' liquid assets seemingly stretched thin, this may not be worth the webpage it's printed on.

But with MLB taking over the Los Angeles Dodgers, could it be possible the owners of the Buccaneers make a bid for the franchise like they did in 2004?

Malcolm Glazer lost the franchise to Frank McCourt, who would be making a tidy profit on his $430 million purchase had a messy divorce not ruined his plans.

Back then, Glazer settled for buying Manchester United (not a bad consolation prize other than the fact that they financed the majority of their purchase and now that the interest has come due, the Brits can't wait for him to sell).

Nothing would make fans happier in Old Trafford than if the Glazers sold the soccer team. And sure, MLB would love to have a well-known, reputable family interested in buying the Dodgers. But it probably won't happen if for no other reason than Malcolm is no longer controlling the family's pursestrings.

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