Friday, April 22, 2011

Unique Stadium-Funding Idea: Tax the Players!

Not sure why free agents would want to play for a team where they'd be taxed an extra 5 percent to help pay for the stadium, but as Field of Schemes explains, the idea - along with a tax on memorabilia - would be an interesting way to finance a new Minnesota Vikings stadium:
The vast majority of the state money (more than two-thirds) would come from a sports memorabilia tax, with a 5% income tax surcharge on Vikings player salaries a distant second; taxes on luxury suite rentals and satellite TV services would amount to not much more than rounding errors. Also, since all sports memorabilia would be subject to the tax surcharge, this means that this "user fee" would be hitting Twins and Wild fans even if they had no interest in football.
I don't know how well that will go over in Minnesota - let alone more conservative places (tax-fearing Florida) - but it's unlikely the players would have much say in the matter. Since the state would be doing the taxing rather than the owners, the surcharge would likely be enforceable.

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