Friday, May 25, 2012

Floridians Love Yankees More Than Rays; Steinbrenners Say They Do Too

Smacking down rumors that his family would put the Yankees up for sale now that dad has passed away, Hank Steinbrenner said Thursday that the team is most definitely not for sale. But as Ted DiBiase said, "every man has his price."

As much as Hank may love the Yankees, he also loves billions of dollars. And if a powerful group in baseball's inner circle quietly put together a $3.5-$4 billion bid for the team and its properties, you'd better believe Hank would listen. And if that were to happen, as I've been saying for years, you can bet Stu Sternberg's name would at least be mentioned in the conversation.

Meanwhile, as well as the Rays may play, they aren't nearly as popular as the Yankees...even in Florida. More proof that building a real fan base takes time.

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