Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Odds & Ends

I tried to get a few different posts up last week to no avail - blame it on life getting in the way. But a few interesting reads on business and sports:

I've studied Hillsborough County's Community Investment Tax (CIT) quite a bit recently, and thank goodness, Trib columnist Joe Henderson put exactly what I was thinking into words: no matter how much revenues drop from tax collections, the money will always be there for Raymond James Stadium. Not that it's a bad thing stadium bonds, agreed to in 1996, will be paid on-time, but when times get tough, it will always be schools, infrastructure, and public services that suffer. Other cities have learned this difficult lesson too.

Also, an interesting read from NY Post columnist Phil Mushnick on announcers gushing over Marlins' attendance when there were tons of empty seats in the best sections. It goes to show how the national media influences the stadium debate. But I'm also getting a lot of questions how the Marlins' inability to sell out every game will affect the Rays' stadium campaign. On one hand, the Marlins have increased attendance dramatically from last year's numbers. But on the other hand, as I've said before, if they can't keep their nightly average above 30,000 in their stadium's inagural season, many in Tampa Bay will ask if the expense is really worth it.

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