Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sternberg's Rays Anniversary & Final Attendance Numbers

From our friends at RaysIndex:
Today marks the 7th anniversary of the day Stuart Sternberg took control of the Rays. And what an amazing seven years it has been, including three trips to the playoffs in the last five years and averaging 91 wins per season during that span.

And oh by the way, two AL East banners. That’s one more than the Red Sox have in the last 17 years.

*Raising a glass* To Mr. Sternberg and the rest of the Tampa Bay Rays…Cheers.
Also, with a crowd of 17,909 for last night's season finale at the Trop, the Rays finish the season last in MLB attendance, averaging 19,255 fans/game. 

On one hand, the Rays drew 2% more fans than last year, but it's not "the extra 2%" they're used to.

Also, while the Rays were right on the heels of the Cleveland Indians (19,797 avg. in a modern stadium) and Houston Astros (19,848 in a modern stadium), they'll likely be lumped into the new stadium conversations with the Oakland Athletics this offseason after the A's drew just 20,728 fans a game while winning their division.

We can also expect to hear more about the Marlins, who drew just 27,400 fans a game in their first season at Marlins Park.  That's a 44% boost from last year, but it's also the smallest average in decades for a ballpark's inagural season.

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