Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yes, We Get it, There is Land for a Stadium in Downtown Tampa

It's now two straight days the Tampa Bay Times has suggested land is available for a Downtown Tampa stadium despite any real indication the people in control of the land are interested in building a stadium.

Today, the Times reported "ConAgra's flour mill is key to unlocking downtown Tampa development — and maybe baseball." 

And also, maybe not.

Maybe the land could be used for a basketball arena, or a new theme park, or "3001: Space Odyssy," the world's largest strip club.  The point is, there's been no indication anyone with any land or money downtown has taken the first step toward planning a ballpark.  And it's not like land is in high demand in Tampa (money for a stadium, however, is!)

Meanwhile, Vinik appears to be closing in on Channelside Bay Plaza, the mall-like venue due east of the Forum.  He's one of Tampa's most popular businessmen and would be praised by the city for bringing the Rays across the bay, but Vinik knows better than to wade into the Stadium Stalemate anytime soon.

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  1. I understand your point, and maybe they are planning for something else, BUT com'on man, they would simply play "basketball" in the Forum, they have Bush Gardens up the road for "theme park", you got downtown, Channelside plaza, and Encore for shopping development. Besides, it's not like anyone is going to tell us whats going on behind the scenes with lawsuits waiting for them if so, people like Stu isn't that dumb...