Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deadspin on America's Stadiums: "A $!*!@&% of Taxpayer Money"

Nice graphics and summary from Deadspin on what they call "$#!&@& of taxpayer money" for stadiums in America:
The map below is an attempt to answer those questions visually. It charts the construction of 186 NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL stadiums from 1909-2012, which covers pretty much all of them. The size of the stadium icon is proportional to the total cost (inflation-adjusted to 2012 dollars), and the color is proportional to the method of financing, with 100 percent private showing up in red, 100 percent public in blue, and a range of purple in between. Major renovations are included as well, and stadiums are faded out when they lose their professional team.

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  1. The Orlando Magic have already had TWO arenas built for them in a little over two decades of existence. The new one we have here now cost about $500 million to build, and the team contributed maybe $100 million toward that amount. One would hope the people of the Tampa Bay region would fare rather better if (when?) they break ground on a new stadium for the Rays.