Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tigers Charging Fans to Watch BP

The Detroit Tigers are the first - but likely not the last - team to charge fans $5 for the right to watch batting practice in Spring Training.

It's not a bad deal - the $5 lets you into Joker Marchant Stadium an hour early and you can keep any ball you catch on the left-field berm - but you'll still likely hear some complaining.

In other news, Spring Training brings an estimated $700 million to Florida each year.  It's not the most ridiculous estimate ever, considering how many northerners flock to Florida for a few days of sunshine and baseball each spring.

Of course, much of that $700 million heads back out of state (like the $5 charge to watch Tigers BP), but because of the number of out-of-state fans it draws, spring training likely delivers a bigger stimulus to Florida's economy than the Marlins & Rays do during the regular season. 

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