Wednesday, June 26, 2013

St. Pete's Mayoral Race Heats Up

Thursday night, Mayor Bill Foster will debate all of his challengers on the Rays' Stadium Saga, the St. Pete Pier....and maybe even a couple other things.

We know the Stadium Saga will be a topic of conversation because one of his biggest threats, former councilman & legislator Rick Kriseman, wants to make it a campaign issue.

But don't be surprised if the other potential Foster-replacement, former councilwoman Kathleen Ford, criticizes the mayor on his handling of the Rays as well.  It would be ironic, however, since Ford told me in 2009 she supported holding the team to its contract through 2027.


  1. Noah, I've been following your blog for quite a while as it seems to be the only blog covering the Rays quest for a new stadium. However, you seem to have a very negative view towards it, ie. you seem to think its unnecessary or you don't want any public dollars spent on it. But overall where do you stand in what you want the Rays to do:
    1. Stay in the Trop indefinitely
    2. Stay in the Trop until 2027 then builds a new stadium in:
    2a. St. Pete
    2b. Tampa
    2c. don't care, as long as no public funding
    3. Build a new stadium in ASAP with no public funding in:
    3a. St. Pete
    3b. Tampa
    3c. don't care, as long as no public funding

    From what I've read it seems you're definitely against any public spending for a stadium. I'm not sure if that's why your dead set against the Rays talking to Tampa (ie. getting St. Pete to bid against each other). Or you just really see the team as belonging to St. Pete. Or you really feel the Trop is fine as it is and don't want to see a change.

  2. Your interpretation may be due to my tongue-in-cheek references to what columns, press releases, and political speeches often "conveniently" leave out.

    I started this blog because there was a void for perspective and "the complete picture" on the issue, and my goal is to seek truth and report it.

  3. So your tongue and cheek comments of "maybe the Yankees need a new ballpark" because their attendance is down, isn't you implying that Rays attendance is fine as is and has nothing to do with the ballpark.

  4. Honestly It is time for Noah to stop feeling sorry for St.Pete. Moving them to Tampa where a greater percentage of people are closer to the ballpark is ideal. Not to mention it would be closer for residents of lakeland and orlando areas. Sternberg needs to give tgem 50 million and say goosbye. Foster Wolfe and the city council are obstructing progress.