Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Links

Some of these links are old, but they're all good reading:
  • Palm Beach Post: Palm Beach Gardens looking to pluck Blue Jays from Dunedin
  • Tampa Tribune: Snubbed by Fla. legislature, Daytona Speedway spending big bucks to renovate track on own dime
  • Miami Herald: Snubbed by Fla. legislature, Dolphins' owner spending big bucks to campaign against stadium subsidy opponents
  • Field of Schemes: Jacksonville facing library and core services cuts, asked to pay for $43M Jaguars scoreboards
  • PBS/NPR San Francisco: Cal football learns hard way that paying for a stadium yourself can be a bad idea
  • Talking Points Memo: Sports leagues thrust into middle of Obamacare debate
  • Rulings Sports: Super Bowl bids now (unofficially) include major stadium renovations

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