Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fed Up, Selig Will "Intervene" in Tampa Bay Stadium Saga

The Tweet that set off Google Alerts all over Tampa Bay today:
It also launched plenty of sarcastic replies:
But in reality, does this mean much of anything?

As @emluvsbaseball tweeted, Selig "intervened" in the A's stadium issue four years later and nothing has happened.

It's also not Selig's first saber-rattling in Tampa Bay:
2010: "There has to be concern."
2011: No reason "to be too optimistic."
2012: Attendance is "inexcusable" and "disappointing."
2013: Situation is "economically not tolerable" and "beyond disappointing."

So what did Selig mean this time around?
Well, if anything positive comes from this, hopefully it's the last time MLB or the Rays use contraction as a threat.


  1. Noah forgive me for sounding rude but why wont st.pete just let go. This has gone on long enough. They can sell the land around the trop for good money.

    1. My guess:
      1) There's no guarantee they can sell the land around the Trop.
      2) The Trop land is probably more valuable as a stadium than it is anything else that would come right now.
      3) The city spent a huge amount of money to get the Rays for 30 years and they're owed 14 more years of that contract.
      4) The Rays aren't offering to compensate the city enough for terminating the contract right now.

    2. Do you think selig will break the impasse?

  2. What am I missing here? Hasn't St. Pete essentially already "let go" by allowing the Rays to look around, waiting for only an addendum to be drawn up?

    Seriously. What am I missing? Why did Selig interject himself when it appears the "impasse" has been broken?

  3. LOL, it's funny how everyone is getting duped by Stu, Bud, and Bob! Newsflash! It's a salesmen ploy to get people against ole' Billy to make a erratic move. It's even funnier that no one thinks that Stu, Bud, Jeff, and Bob's Tampa people are all in on it, and that everything isn't ready to go with blueprints, financial plans, etc. for Channelside. They just have to get Billy to lay-down, and it seems there making progress in doing so...

    1. Also, what everyone seems not to think is that any Rays! news is good for them. It gets even the average person in the bay area to hear Rays, and get'em to maybe buy a tix to a game that they won't of being out of sight out mind...

    2. "It's even funnier that no one thinks that Stu, Bud, Jeff, and Bob's Tampa people are all in on it, and that everything isn't ready to go with blueprints, financial plans, etc."

      If that were true, Tampa would be setting themselves up for an eight, or even nine figure lawsuit.

      Again, you're embarrassing yourself. Seriously. Please. Just stop.

    3. I'd be embarrassed if I believed only what the media knows about, and I'd be even more embarrassed to be dumb enough not to think that financial elitist do what they want regardless of small county politicians. And Tampa can't be sued by something that can't be proved unless one of the few spoke out against the amount of money they're set to make by the move. I mean come on Brendan, do you really believe Sternberg & Buckhorn hasn't had more dialog about moving to Channelside then just "Hi! Has Billy let you talk to me yet? Nope! Ok! Talk to you then!", Com'on MAN! Also, do you really think that Stu & Bob ISN'T involved with Vinik's plans around Channelside (
      "Please, stop" thinking only they wan't you to think, it's "embarrassing"... "Seriously"!


  4. Well low class st.pete needs to be dealt with. People who cry over not wantimg the ballpark are mostly low income people. Why are they important. They are not at all. Middle income and high income make this world. Low income depend on others. Why not cut their benefits to pay for a new ballpark.

  5. Question: What is the No. 1 function of a 21st Century sports commissioner?
    Answer: To extort stadiums and arenas out of taxpayers.

    Question: Where is the evidence that the Rays would draw significantly better in a stadium located somewhere else in the Tampa Bay area?
    Answer: Well, guys say it on the radio all the time.