Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jay Mariotti: "Tropicana Field - The Worst Major League Ballpark I've Ever Seen"

Jay Mariotti put together a little video review of Tropicana Field, calling it "the worst major league ballpark I've ever seen." (video below)

The three-minute clip was actually quite complimentary at times:
(The Rays) consistently do more with less than any franchise in American sports.
Of course the Rays deserve more fans and they deserve a new stadium, but for now, public money in 2013 should be going to education; the homeless; things like that.

I think there's something special about a team that doesn't complain about where its playing; does things the right way; the smart way; and simply wins.
So aside from the fact that Rays have complained about where they play and Mariotti incorrectly called the team's contract a "lease," the piece was extremely fair.  The Rays would certainly benefit from a new stadium, but the cost looks to be immense...and it's probably not the top priority for penny-pinching Florida cities.

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  1. I can't stand Mariotti, so it pains me to say this was actually a good/fair piece by him.